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What Do You Do DAILY.

1. It will eventually become a habit.

2. If you plan tomorrow this evening you have a starting point tomorrow.

3. If you have a goal for the week do you have it broken down to daily steps to accomplish it.

4. Do you delegate tasks in an orderly fashion from your weekly goal sheet.

5. Lets be honest we can all improve on handling tasks spend 10 minutes each day before you go home and work on tomorrow.

Do you have a Plan?

Successful people plan, they know that even when the plan doesn’t work as designed proper planning always pays dividends. If you truly want success then do what successful people do….plan!

Sweat Equity

"Sweat Equity is the most valuable equity there is.

Know your business and industry better than anyone

else in the world. Love what you do or don't do it"

Mark Cuban

Call Me If you want to get started in investing In Real Estate!

Not all Deals are created Equal, we try our best to get quality deals for you!

Latest Listings

Detail 3PK $37,500 AWESOME!! Price : $ 37 ,500.00
Detail MULTI UNIT PACKAGE (2) Price : $ 135 ,900.00
Detail 5PK 120K Price : $ 120 ,000.00
Detail 1908 e russey Price : $ 28 ,000.00
Living space : 1 ,064.00 Sq. Ft.
Detail 1311 e 11th Price : $ 7 ,500.00
Living space : 2 ,688.00 Sq. Ft.

Starting In 1998 n the rental business with a desire to be a investor, by taking a few courses of online stuff such as charleton sheets, Donald Trump University, a couple courses with Tony Robbins to get my head fixed.We went thru the subprime era, and several up and down times. Having to change a lot of stategies, and having a great time Meeting wonderful People from all over the world, investing In what we know not just reading a book, We have been boots on the ground these last 18 years. We Help buyers and Investors find off market deals in the Midwest, Counties we specialize in is Madison County Indiana,and Delaware County Indiana. For the best off market deals sign up you will get notified when we recieve the deal.

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