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Top 5 Real Estate

  1. 9 bedroom for $14,000
    625 w 24th Anderson, IN
  2. 3 bedroom for $10,000
    2005 e yale muncie, IN
  3. 2 bedroom for $28
    1109 S. Burlington muncie, IN
  4. 3 bedroom for $14,000
    2112 s eaton muncie, IN
  5. None bedroom for $25,000
    2404 E Highland Muncie, IN


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1. It will eventually become a habit.

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4. Do you delegate tasks in an orderly fashion from your weekly goal sheet.

5. Lets be honest we can all improve on handling tasks spend 10 minutes each day before you go home and work on tomorrow.

WE have a sec 8 Leased at 850 address is 1005 N Central

Call if you want it owner pays utilties usally nets at 600 monthly.

$25,000 is the price


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Mark Cuban

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